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We distribute nothing but 100% natural grown premium organic hemp flower to Switzerland and the USA.
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We are proud distributors of California grown hemp – supplying the USA and international markets with our 100% natural and organic hemp.

Based in Santa Cruz and with farms spread across the state of California, we support hemp brokers, wholesalers, distributors, dispensaries and e-commerce platforms.

Our objective is to be your backbone supplier for your hemp flower needs – from premium hemp flower to biomass, CBD oil, CBD isolate and any related CBD or hemp products.

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Our Distribution Around The USA

We supply Switzerland and the burgeoning Swiss market as well as the USA.

We have strong relationships with our customers across America, including those in – New York, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi and Vermont.

Although we specialize in large wholesale volume operations, we always try to accommodate any size order. Please contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

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