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The big question – does CBD get you high?

Let’s tackle this question right away since it’s the first thing everyone wants to know. And people often get a little confused.

CBD products do not get you high. You see, in the hemp plant there are many natural compounds called “cannabinoids”. They all do slightly different things. CBD is one of these compounds. It stands for “cannabidiol” and it has a whole range of medical uses – from pain-relief, to the treatment of epilepsy. However, it is not psychoactive. This means that you won’t get any sort of high from it.

People often confuse CBD with a different natural compound that is also found in the hemp plant. This is called THC. THC stands for “tetra hydro cannabinol”. This is the part of the plant that is indeed highly psychoactive and does alter your state of mind when consumed.

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Is CBD and hemp natural or man-made?

Hemp is a totally natural plant. It grows naturally on earth just like basil, grapes and oranges. In fact, here in California, where our hemp is grown, the hemp plants grow in the very same conditions as our world-famous fruit. The crops share the perfect growing climate with California’s renowned orange groves and vineyards.

The CBD part of hemp is naturally found in the plant. To extract the CBD that goes into products such as CBD oil, producers can use a natural process called distillation.


Should I use CBD oil? Is it safe? Is it legal?

CBD oil is not the same as the drug cannabis that gets you high and is illegal in so many parts of the world. CBD is not psychoactive and it has many safe and legitimate medical uses. Here in the USA, CBD is used for everything from easing insomnia and anxiety to pain-relief. It is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the treatment of epilepsy.

Globally, CBD is hugely popular in Switzerland – a nation renowned for the quality of its healthcare and for the intelligent and responsible outlook of its people. In the UK, the traditional Brits have also taken a great liking to CBD oil in recent years, selling CBD products in stores and pharmacies all over the country.

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Hemp and CBD definitions

Our glossary for those need-to-know hemp terms and CBD definitions


From the USA to Switzerland, we’ve all heard of these three letters by now. But what do they stand for and what actually is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol – one of the many natural compounds that you find in the hemp plant. In fact, there are over 100 of these compounds, all technically known as cannabinoids. CBD is non-psychoactive – in other words, it will not give any sort of a high. It can be used for everything from pain relief to treating anxiety and insomnia and is approved here in America by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the treatment of epilepsy.

Hemp Flower

The bud of the hemp plant is referred to as hemp flower. It may not be quite as beautiful as the rose, but the hemp flower can look spectacular. More importantly, though, hemp flower contains CBD – crucial for the production of hemp products.


There are various way to consume CBD, from edible forms to those that you smoke. Inhaling CBD has the advantage that it enters the blood stream more quickly than it would as an edible form. This means that you will feel the benefits sooner. Options include – CBD vapes, CBD cigarettes and raw CBD flower that comes in a little jar.

CBD oil

CBD oil is one of the most common forms of CBD found today in health shops and online. Presented in a small bottle that usually comes with a pipette, the CBD can be easily consumed with a drop on the tongue or in food or drink. Used to treat numerous conditions, from stress and inflammation to sleepless nights, CBD oil is safe, legal and will not give you a high. CBD oil is non-psychoactive.

CBD Flower

The CBD flower is another name for the hemp flower. Both terms are used to refer to the bud of the hemp plant. The flower contains CBD and is highly valued for its role in the manufacture of popular hemp products such as CBD oil.


Kush is a form of cannabis that is highly psychoactive. In other words, it gives you a very substantial high. The specific part that creates the high is called THC – short for Tetra hydra cannabinol. (Not to be confused with CBD, which is not psychoactive.) Kush takes its name from the Hindu Kush mountain range – the area in which it originates.

Legendary OG

Legendary OG is a psychoactive strain of cannabis. Like Kush, it contains THC and is renowned for the particular character of the high that it delivers. The OG stands for “ocean grown” and this particular strain is often favored by medical cannabis patients.
DistillateTo get the CBD compound out of the hemp plant, we can use a process called distillation. This is a combination of very careful and precise heating and cooling that leaves you with what is known as distillate. It is this distillate that then goes into CBD products.


Biomass is a technical term that simply means the amount of living matter in a given area. So when we talk about CBD hemp biomass, we are referring to the entire hemp plant – not just, say, the hemp flower.

Hemp farms

Hemp farms are exactly that – farms that grow the hemp plant as their crop. California has superb natural conditions for growing a wide range of crops – from beautiful, juicy oranges and grapes to world-leading hemp. (Much of which finds its way to Switzerland, where the discerning Swiss market for hemp and CBD products favors the outstanding quality that we produce here in the USA.)

Indoor hemp

Indoor hemp is the type of hemp plant that is grown indoors. Growers use artificial techniques to regulate the climate and conditions that are suitable for the plants. No matter how ingenious the thinking and planning that goes into growing indoor hemp, though, it can never compare to the conditions found in California, with plenty of sunshine and rich, fertile soil – just as nature intended.

Outdoor hemp

Outdoor hemp is the best sort of hemp that money can buy. Grown outdoors in completely natural conditions, such as those you find here in California, the result is a higher quality crop that makes a very notable difference to the final hemp and CBD products sold across America and Switzerland.

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