Cannabis to Be Legalized in Switzerland

There’s exciting hemp news from Europe this week – we were pleased to learn that cannabis is soon to be legalized in Switzerland.

The Local, an online publication covering news in Europe, reported that: “Switzerland will draw up a draft law for the legalization of cannabis usage, after a parliamentary commission ruled the drug should no longer be banned.”

The publication went on to report that this development has come after an investigation by the Social Security and Health Commission of the Council of States (SGK-S). The underlying idea is that by regulating cannabis in Switzerland, the state will have more control over the market. This, in turn, will allow for greater protection for consumers, in particular for young users of the substance.

The Swiss news portal, Blick, also covered the story, reporting that: “Forty members of the National Council from all political groups are among the co-signatories of the initiative. Specifically, this calls for the cultivation, production, trade and consumption of THC-containing cannabis to be reorganized in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Commission on Addiction Issues (EKSF).”

This is classic political territory for governments all over the world. Idealism meets pragmatism as legislatures try to weigh up the pros and cons of legalizing a substance versus the legion problems associated with the black markets that provide it illegally. 

From our perspective as hemp growers in California, this move is great news. We are ever mindful of Swiss quality hemp and the high standards available on the international market. It is, of course, pleasing for us to see cannabis slowly making its way from a frowned-upon substance to a legitimate one, to join substances such as coffee, alcohol and cocoa as a normal part of our everyday lives. 

As Swiss quality hemp moves into the mainstream, people’s opinions and European social norms will inevitably move along with it. So whether it’s a change in our home state of California, a shift in the laws in Europe or indeed, a big break in Switzerland – one of our favorite markets – we give it the thumbs-up.

This news spurs us on at a time when the seasonal changes of fall here in California cause a temperature drop and alter the climate for our farmers and hemp growers. Our California grown hemp is 100% natural and is all grown outside, meaning that it is shaped by the seasonal changes in a way that hemp grown inside and using synthetic products never can be. Our expert teams prepare hemp that is a market leader all over America. This Swiss quality hemp goes to brokers and outlets across the US and Switzerland, for use as hemp, cannabis and in CBD products.

If you would like to place an order for the finest, 100% natural grown California hemp today, you can contact us at:

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