CBD Chewing Gum – A Breath of Fresh Air for the Hemp Industry  

After eating smelly food or drinking a strong cup of coffee, we often chew gum, right? But have you ever tried CBD gum? We’ve recently learned that a lot of people don’t even know that this hemp-based product exists, which is absolute madness because it’s one of the best ways to get the benefits of CBD. With a very different sort of image to cannabis, and a more accessible form than CBD oil, CBD chewing gum is a breath of fresh air for the hemp industry. All you have to do is chew!

What does CBD gum taste like?

If you haven’t come across CBD infused chewing gum before then you’re not alone. One of the biggest questions people ask online is simply “Is there CBD chewing gum?”. We can tell you that there most certainly is and we love it. Don’t go imagining that it’s green and has some kind of earthy or cannabis flavor, though. In fact, it looks and tastes just like regular chewing gum and is typically available in spearmint or peppermint flavor.

An interesting point about the global gum market in general, is that you’ll find subtle cultural differences going from North America to Europe. Here in the USA, we tend to see gum chewing as totally normal – chewing while shopping, getting a haircut and even working out. However, some Europeans view chewing gum in public as slightly bad manners, preferring mints as a breath-freshener. 

These behavioral differences have important implications when looking at a nation’s receptivity to CBD gum. It means that in, say, Switzerland, where you’d expect CBD gum to be all the rage due to the excellent Swiss quality hemp standards, the preference is actually more for other hemp products such as gummies or CBD oil. The irony of this, however, is that CBD gum actually offers more benefits than other hemp products.

The benefits of CBD chewing gum

So does CBD gum actually do anything? And does CBD gum get you high? CBD gum does not get you high because unlike cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive. Think of CBD gum as ordinary chewing gum that has been infused with CBD. It gives you all the normal benefits of chewing gum (assuming it’s a sugar free product), such as reducing plaque, fighting bad breath and promoting all-round oral health. And, on top of that, you have the benefits of CBD, such as reducing anxiety and depression, helping you to sleep better and even reducing acne. 

Not only do you get this double whammy, but there’s a kind of bonus feature, too. CBD gum can actually be absorbed by the body up to five times faster than other oral methods such as gummies and drinks. That’s all from chewing just one piece of CBD gum a day! And how long does CBD gum take to kick in? Well it depends on the individual, but typically CBD gum takes between 30 minutes and an hour to take effect.

What makes the best quality CBD gum?

When it comes to quality, the best CBD chewing gum is made using the best CBD, which in turn comes from the best quality hemp. The finest hemp is grown organically under totally natural conditions. Here at California Grown Hemp, we have the perfect climate and combine this with the growing expertise of our specialist team to produce world-class, Swiss-quality hemp. This is perfect for a wide range of hemp products, including CBD chewing gum.

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