How to Use Hemp Seeds in Your Cooking

One of the things we love about our Swiss-quality, California grown hemp is just how versatile it is. Of course, it’s the crop that cannabis comes from and it’s what is used to produce CBD oil, but did you know you could also cook with hemp seeds? In this blog, we give you some recipe ideas and culinary inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.

What Do Hemp Seeds Taste Like?

Before we get into the dishes, let’s look at the flavor profile of the seeds. Hemp seeds have a taste that will probably remind you of sunflower seeds. But with 30% fat, they’re also very reminiscent of pine nuts with that rich, almost creamy quality. (They also contain lots of omega 3 fatty acids, which offer a whole range of health benefits such as reducing inflammation and the risk of heart disease.) The seeds can be eaten raw, and if you’re new to this amazing little ingredient we suggest trying them like this first as it’s the best way to get a good sense of their true flavor before you begin to be inventive. 

Hemp Seed Salads

One of the easiest ways to use hemp seeds is by sprinkling them on top of a salad. Because of their richness, doing this means you won’t need to pour on so much salad dressing to bring the salad to life. To really get the best out of them as a salad topper, though, try lightly toasting the seeds first. This can be done in a dry pan, but be sure to keep a close eye on them and keep them moving so they don’t burn. The toasting process not only gives them a nice crisp texture, but also unlocks a stronger flavor.

Hemp Seed Pesto

If you’ve ever made the great Italian staple that is pesto, you’ll know how much nicer a homemade version is than the store-bought kind. The classic is made by combining plenty of fresh basil with pine nuts, parmesan cheese and good olive oil. There’s no cooking required, just blend and you’re good to go. But if you really want to enhance your pesto, try adding hemp seeds. Think of these as your secret ingredient to add extra depth of flavor to the dish – a bit like adding truffle to your mac and cheese. You can either substitute the pine nuts for hemp seeds, or use a combination of the two – it’s totally up to you. Remember that variety isn’t just the spice of life but is also the key to a healthy diet, so the more types of seed you can include the better it is for you.

Hemp Seed Hummus

Everyone loves hummus, right? And the great thing is that there are so many variations of the dish. There’s Greek style, Israeli style, sun dried tomato hummus, chipotle hummus… and the list goes on. Now, there’s another to add – hemp seed hummus. To make this beauty, you can either take your classic hummus ingredients – chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, salt and olive oil – and add hemp seeds in for a richer flavor, or you can take out the tahini and use hemp seeds instead. (Tahini is really just a sesame seed paste, so it can easily be swapped out for hemp seeds.) Trust us, the hemp seeds make a delicious addition to this timeless classic. Give it a go and you’ll never look back!

We hope these ideas have got you excited about introducing more hemp seeds into your diet. Remember that when you’re choosing your hemp seeds, the higher quality seeds will give you a better flavor. High quality seeds come from high quality plants, like our 100% organic, Swiss-quality hemp that is grown naturally in our farms across California.

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