New Cannabis Trials in Switzerland and the Netherlands’ Leading Light

As we move rapidly through the festive season and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect us all, there’s a great deal of positivity to be found in the European hemp scene.

We’ve recently learnt that Zurich, Switzerland, will be starting recreational cannabis trials in 2022. According to a news report in High Times, this will be a three-and-a-half-year pilot scheme designed to help bring through the legislative changes affecting cannabis in Switzerland.

The report explained that: “The trial will allow Swiss cities to set up their own cannabis markets, and further, conduct their own studies on the effect of such trial cannabis markets—as well as the impact on the citizenry on the use of the drug. The Zurich trial, called ‘Zuri Can’ will begin in the fall of next year and include different products with varying levels of THC and CBD content.”

This is a very exciting development and one that we certainly welcome as specialist organic hemp farmers. In the hemp industry, “Swiss quality hemp” is a phrase equivalent to “French quality wine” – it’s what everyone in the world aspires to. So of course we’re pleased to see that the nation leading the hemp industry in terms of quality is conducting such a ground-breaking trial. Our hope is that this will have a knock-on effect across Europe and in the US, both shifting perceptions about hemp and increasing the general understanding of cannabis.

Meanwhile, just over eight hours’ drive away from Switzerland, in the Netherlands, one of the biggest Dutch lighting companies is all set to buy a Texas firm that produces cannabis grow lights.

Hemp Industry Daily reports that the Dutch giant, Signify, will be acquiring Texas-based Fluence for $272 million. While this may sound like just another piece of everyday international business news, it’s actually far more meaningful than that. As one of the world’s leaders in lighting, this acquisition by Signify in fact signifies (appropriately enough) far more than just a business that is growing. 

By acquiring a company that specializes in tools to help growers to farm cannabis, a message is being sent to the world about the new, legitimate and prosperous status of the European and global hemp and cannabis market. As the saying goes – “money talks”; effectively, Signify is telling the world that the hemp industry is well worth a $272 million investment. And where the giants go, the rest will be sure to follow. Great news for the festive season!

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