Refreshing News for CBD Drinks and the Hemp Hazards in Italy

There’s never a dull moment in the global hemp industry and two news stories in particular have grabbed our attention recently. 

The first is a report about the up-coming hemp drinks market. If you haven’t tried a CBD drink before then you’re certainly not alone. Compared to edibles, CBD oil and hemp seeds, CBD drinks are a relatively unpopular item on the delightful menu of hemp products now available in the US, Switzerland and across Europe. However, that looks set to change over the next year or so as companies are getting ready to give CBD drinks a much deserved push.

Hemp Industry Daily reported that “a niche sector in the CBD industry, beverages, is getting outsize attention from some of the world’s largest companies.” It explained that Molson Coors Beverage Co. and Canopy Growth Corp. are expanding their multistate distribution and predicting gains across all levels of the THC spectrum. 

When we talk about the THC spectrum in the hemp drinks market, we mean everything from sports drinks that contain CBD and are not psychoactive, to drinks that are infused with THC and give you a strong effect that serves as an alternative to an alcoholic drink; in other words, the kind of thing you might drink at a party or with friends instead of a beer or a nice glass of wine.

We’re excited by this promising development for the hemp drinks market; it’s yet another burgeoning segment of the hemp industry and another means by which growers like us and big producers can convince the general public that hemp is a positive substance that has great potential.

Pesticides found in Italian hemp 

On a less positive note, we were saddened to learn that a study in Italy has found pesticides in smokable cannabis flowers. A news report in Hemp Today stated: “Researchers in Italy have detected the presence of 154 pesticides and a number of heavy metals in samples of domestically grown hemp flowers, a worrying prospect for the smokable hemp sector.”

The report went on to suggest that legislation was needed in Italy to regulate the hemp market. It explained: “Italian stakeholders say national legislation is needed for smokable hemp that would create regulations similar to those for tobacco or food products.”

This is, indeed, an unexpected blow for the industry; but it just goes to show how important expertise and experience are when it comes to successfully growing hemp. The team here at California Grown Hemp have decades of experience that ensures the quality of our hemp is unrivalled. 

We have always emphasized the value of keeping the growing process natural and are proud to offer 100% organic hemp to all our markets – in the USA, Switzerland and across Europe. The purity of our Swiss quality hemp is ensured by the total absence of any artificial products or processes in our farming techniques. This means that whether it’s being used as cannabis, CBD products, edibles or beverages, that raw product – the hemp itself – is perfect each and every time: season after season, year in year out.

If you would like to place an order for the finest, 100% natural grown, Swiss quality, California hemp today, you can contact us at:

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