Why is Swiss Quality Hemp so Good?

Over the last few years, Switzerland has set the industry standard when it comes to hemp production and hemp-based products. In fact, Swiss quality hemp has become a very familiar phrase for growers and producers all over the world – a kind of shorthand for hemp of the very highest quality. But how did Swiss hemp get this reputation? And what is it that makes California’s hemp farmers such suitable providers for the demanding Swiss market? In this blog, we take a closer look.

A tradition of excellence

Switzerland may be a small country, with a population of around just 8.7million, but it packs a mighty punch by focusing on quality instead of quantity. It has a tradition of excellence in everything it does, and all over the world it is a nation that is renowned for the finer things in life. 

The chances are that if you wear a high-end wrist watch it was manufactured in Switzerland. The majority of top brands in the luxury watch industry will always choose Swiss watchmakers to ensure the exceptional accuracy, durability and overall high quality of their products. Rolex, probably the best-known producer of luxury timepieces on Earth, actually has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 

And it’s not just high-value watches that the Swiss lead the world in, but confectionary too. Swiss chocolatiers have perfected the art of making the most exquisite chocolate you’ll find anywhere on the planet, taking the humble cocoa bean and turning it into a thing of beauty. Just think of the multinational Nestlé, and Lindt – the brand behind those little truffle balls and the cute gold Easter bunny with the bell round its neck that always looks too good to eat!

With this tradition of excellence behind them, should we really be surprised that when the Swiss turned their attention to hemp and CBD they tackled it like perfectionists and came up with amazing products?

Open-minded people and a strong farming heritage

So we already have this context of amazing quality and luxury in Swiss DNA. Now, throw in a very forward-thinking population. Far from being hesitant about the benefits of hemp, the Swiss approached it with an open mind. As a result, their legal system made way for CBD and related hemp products before other nations, thereby laying the groundwork for the industry to thrive. While others were still engaged in heated debate, the Swiss producers had a head-start, refining their techniques and perfecting their craft before anyone else had really got off the starting blocks. 

Finally, you have the strong farming heritage that has long been a part of life in Switzerland. As it has advanced through the centuries, Switzerland has not neglected its agriculture, retaining a very close relationship with the land throughout industrialization, globalization and the digital revolution.

A burst of Californian sunshine

For all these reasons, it is Swiss hemp standards that set the benchmark. Here in California, we too have proud farming traditions and a reputation for high-quality produce. Our oranges are seen as the best in the world and our wines rival those of the oldest and most respected vintners in France and Italy. 

Our Californian climate is perfect for hemp too. It doesn’t need anything adding to it as nature has already provided optimum conditions. We understand how much of an asset our climate is and therefore grow 100% natural, organic hemp without anything artificial interfering with the process. We’re now seeing more and more of the open-minded Swiss, with their connoisseur mindset, getting very excited about California Grown Hemp. And we believe that, in time, “California quality hemp” will become another byword for top-quality hemp.

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