Here’s what you need to know about Purple OG Kush Hemp Flower

Ever heard of Purple OG Kush Hemp Flower before? It’s celebrated for leaving you feeling particularly calm and happy. …Great news, right? But there’s rather more to it than just its sedative properties.

In this blog, we’re going to continue our introduction to some of the essential terms and common labels that you’ll come across as you shop for hemp and CBD products. As one of the most talked about types of hemp flower in both the Swiss market and the US market, Purple OG Kush is a topic we couldn’t wait to unpack for you. OK, let’s get into it….

What is Purple OG Kush?

Not everybody realizes that hemp flower doesn’t come in just one form. Far from it! All over the world, you’ll find a huge array of varieties, also referred to as “strains”. And there is no universal favorite. Ask around in Switzerland and you’re likely to find different preferences to those over in the East. In fact, different strains have different qualities and give different effects – just like the way that some varieties of potato give a sweeter flavor that’s best suited for baking, while others have a particular texture that makes them perfect for fries.

Purple OG Kush is created by crossing two other strains of marijuana – Purple Kush and OG Kush. In other words, this one is a hybrid. The “Kush” part of the name tells you that this strain is part of the Kush group, named after the Hindu Kush, a mountain range in Afghanistan where it grows naturally. (Check out our blog Introducing Kush Marijuana for the full background on Kush.)

Is Purple OG Kush right for me?

So should you choose Purple OG Kush? Well, there’s no easy answer here because it all depends on what exactly you’re looking to get out of your smokeable hemp flower. As we touched on in our intro, this strain will make you feel both calm and happy; though some experience the effects as being quite intense and it can make you feel slightly unfocused. Many who suffer from insomnia favor Purple OG to help with easing their condition.

When it comes to the smell, this one is extremely pleasant. And while we don’t want to sound too much like the stereotypical wine critic, going off into ridiculous poetic raptures, what you should expect to pick out here is the sweet aroma of grapes and berries. Pay attention and you might also detect a pine quality somewhere in the mix too.

As far as the psychoactive element is concerned, you always want to look at the THC content as your guide to strength. THC stands for tetra hydra cannabinol and is given as a percentage. With Purple OG Kush, you’ll general find 16-18% THC – so that means it’s moderately powerful.

Optimum growing conditions

When people think of hemp flower being grown, they sometimes picture laboratories and scientists in white coats. For us, though, the optimum growing conditions for hemp are found outside, in nature. California is blessed with the perfect climate along with fertile earth and glorious sunshine. We are 100% natural. As a result, our hemp is world-class and always hugely popular in Switzerland with the connoisseurs of the Swiss market.

To order the finest, 100% natural grown California hemp today, call (or WhatsApp us) on +1-831-884-3124 or email the team at

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