Top 5 Uses for Hemp That Don’t Involve Smoking!


Did you know that hemp isn’t just grown to be used as cannabis? This seemingly humble crop is, in fact, extremely versatile and has an impressively wide variety of uses. In this blog, we count down our top five uses for hemp that don’t involve smoking. And trust us; some of these may surprise you!



Let the hemp in, for beautiful skin 

At number five it’s hemp cosmetics. Yes, you read that right – the beauty industry is a big fan of our beloved hemp crop. You’ll now find hemp making its way into everything from relaxing face masks to cleansing hand and body washes. Some firms even sell hemp seed oil in a pure, concentrated form which can be applied directly to the skin to moisturize and rebalance. What wonderful stuff!



Try and rip it… we dare ya!

Hemp makes wonderful paper, but you’ll probably struggle to find a stack of it at your local printer supplies store. And we wouldn’t suggest making paper planes out of it either. No, hemp paper is usually found as more of a specialty kind of paper, such as cigarette paper. It makes good wrapping paper too as it’s extra tough.  



Ease anxiety with just a drop 

Coming in at number three, we’ve got CBD oil. This is one of the most popular uses of hemp today, and what people don’t always realize is that CBD and cannabis aren’t the same thing at all. CBD oil helps you to relax, easing anxiety and depression, but it isn’t psychoactive and won’t get you high. See our blog on Why CBD Oil Won’t Get You High for more insights into this misconception. One of the biggest markets for our California Grown Hemp right now is actually the manufacturers of CBD oil, both in the US and for the Swiss hemp market.



Look cool, feel cooler!

In recent years, hemp clothes have really taken off as we’ve all tried to live and shop in a more sustainable way. Lightweight and stronger than cotton, hemp makes clothes that truly last. And, no – hemp clothes do not have a strong smell! This is another popular misconception that comes from people confusing hemp with the cannabis that is smoked. In fact, hemp clothes are highly breathable and offer antibacterial characteristics to keep you smelling fresh.



Hemp seeds in your salad?

Taking the top spot at number one we have hemp as a food! And we’re not talking about “edibles” here, but the hemp seeds. You can use hemp seeds in the same way that you use other seeds in everyday cooking. Think freshly baked bread with sunflower seeds, bagels topped with poppy seeds and pumpkin seeds as salad toppers and you get the right idea. The seeds are full of good fats and amino acids and even work well on their own as a healthy snack.

So that concludes our round-up of the top five uses for hemp that don’t involve smoking. We told you there’d be some surprises in there! If that’s got your creative or commercial juices flowing, you can order our 100% natural grown Swiss quality hemp today. Contact the team at:

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