Why Hemp is Greener than We Thought

A couple of global news stories are helping to give hemp a good name in the press right now and are showing the world that this amazing crop is even greener than we first thought.

Over in the UK, the countryside is currently ablaze with hemp farms, according to a report from euronews.com. It explains that: “Despite the lack of state support, more and more farmers in the UK are turning to hemp production for its economic and environmental benefits. It’s legal for them to sell a variety of hemp-made products, like milk and seed powders, to supermarkets and other businesses.”

And what exactly are these economic and environmental benefits? We already know that Levis use hemp in their jeans because it’s environmentally friendly – see our blog on the brand’s “Cottonised hemp” – but hemp can also absorb serious amounts of CO2.

The report states that: “In the right conditions, hemp absorbs more CO2 than it takes to cultivate – sequestering nine to 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. That’s almost twice as much as a forest of the same size.”

Tommy Corbyn, co-founder of the National Hemp Service, said: “Hemp regenerates the soil it grows in, cleaning it of heavy metals and toxins left behind from other crops. With that in mind, hemp is perfectly suited to restore farmland between crop rotations and the government should be incentivising farmers to do so.” Those of you who follow British politics will know that Tommy Corbyn is the son of Jeremy Corbyn, a Member of Parliament and former leader of the Labour party. Whatever your political views, it’s clear that a personal connection like that is never going to be totally insignificant.

From our point of view, as organic hemp growers based in California, the fact that hemp could help the environment is fantastic news. It’s a win-win, right? It’s wonderful to know that while we work hard to produce Swiss quality hemp for Switzerland and our various markets across the US and Europe we are also contributing to helping the planet.

Sustainable solutions for cannabis packaging

It’s also great to see that cannabis packaging companies are now looking for sustainable solutions. According to a report from Hemp Industry Daily: “Hemp and marijuana packaging companies are searching for environmentally friendly and sustainable options to attract consumers who are more conscientious about buying products that are packaged using green materials.”

Appropriately enough, many consider hemp itself to be a good choice of packaging material for cannabis. The only problem is that the technology is not quite there yet. John Hartsell, the CEO of a packaging company based in the US, estimated that it could be at least a decade before hemp can compete with plastic, in terms of the costs involved.

This is one of those slightly conflicted situations for the hemp industry. Of course, everyone wants to be greener, but sellers also need to package their products in such a way that they conform to the various laws that govern packaging. Not only that, but products need to look as appealing as possible too. The more that cannabis (and for that matter, Swiss quality hemp and CBD products) look like an attractive part of everyday, mainstream life rather than something with connotations to illegal drug cultures, the better it is for the industry. If we can move towards packaging natural hemp products both beautifully and in an organic way, this will be the ideal state of play for everyone in the hemp industry, both in the USA, Switzerland and across Europe.  

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